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Can We Fix It?

Probably!  We have a wealth of experience in rummaging around in the innards of just about every type of music system and audio equipment,  tracking down problems and getting them working again. 


From retro reel-to-reel tape recorders to effects pedals, from mic mixers to DJ controllers, from amps to mixing desks, from home hi-fi stackers to band gear, and just about everything in between - if we can get inside it and it's repairable, we will do our best to get it working, PAT test and service it and clean the internals while we are at it.   

We have access to spares and parts and repair manuals for a wide range of professional and home equipment, and the know-how to find the fault and tell you whether it can be repaired and if it is economical to do so.  

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Band Gear & PAs

Even the best made and loved equipment gets knocked about, on stage or on the road and this can lead to faults.   


Unless you are Pete Townsend we can probably put your gear back into working order - whether its an amp, lead, speaker, multi-channel mixer, microphone, instrument, recording station or effects pedal, give us a call and let us know how we can help. 


PS We can also make up custom leads for you 

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DJ Equipment 

Lets face it DJ Equipment gets a pretty rough ride, modern DJ gear electronics are ever more sophisticated and unfortunately that means it is more prone to damage from an accidental knock or lead stretch, particularly if you are installing and dismantling your gear at each gig. 


DW Audio will try and get you back mixing, scratching and filling dancefloors or the airwaves as soon as possible.  We are specialists in Technics 1200/1210 series repairs, (see our dedicated page) but we can pretty much repair and PAT test any type of DJ equipment, from budget home kit to high end professional equipment, from retro analogue decks to the latest DJ controllers and CDJs

Home Hi-Fi and Audio Separates

We're old enough and experienced enough to have repaired most types of home hi-fi equipment, turntables, speakers, tuners, amps, power amps, preamps, cassette decks, reel to reel tape decks, and headphones over the years.   Why spend hundreds of pounds on a new hi-fi module when it may just need a a wire soldered or a resistor replaced.   Give us a call and let us know what the problem is 

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home hi-fi equipment repairs

Reasonable Pricing 

We operate on a diagnose and repair basis - you pay a flat fee for us to open up the equipment and diagnose the problem, once we know what the problem is we will discuss with you and offer an estimate of repair and parts cost before proceeding, we will also advise whether it is an economical repair given the general condition of the equipment.   All equipment is serviced and PAT tested included in the repair.   


Nearly all the music professionals and venues in the area have used us to repair their equipment at one time or another, they know we offer the best value service and a fast turnaround. 

There is parking immediately outside our premises so its very easy to drop off and collect. 

CALL US now to discuss your repair needs  on 

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