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We Are Technics Specialists

Believe it or not the first Technics SL-1200's Mk1s were sold in 1972, over 50 years ago, with the 1210s following in 1979!  Such is the build quality of these fabulous decks beloved of music DJs worldwide that most are still in circulation today, despite the transition to CDJs and Digital Controllers, and the demand continues to be high specially due to the resurgence in interest in vinyl.  One of the reasons so many of these turntables have survived, apart from from the excellent build quality and components, is that Technics have very kindly maintained the parts supply, and the decks were designed in a way that has made most repairs possible.

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We have been repairing these amazing decks for local DJs, club owners, record shops, and turntable lovers  in the area for 30 years - so we really know our way around them, and there is not much we can't repair if the chassis and platter and motherboard are still in one piece!  With new Mk 7 Technics turntable costing around £1800 and second hand 1200/1210s still fetching £600+, repair is a VERY cost effective solution if you are having problems. 

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Flat Fee Pricing

We charge a upfront flat fee of £45 to check your Technics deck over and diagnose any issues and/or give it a service if that's all it needs.  If the fault is something serious, we will let you know what the problem is and provide an estimated cost of repairs and parts.  If you wish to go ahead we will repair the decks for cost of repairs and parts, which also includes a free service so it's running perfectly.  All repairs are guaranteed unless stated at the time.  

Other DJ Decks, CDJs, Turntables & Record Players

We can also repair a great number of other DJ decks, equipment and many types of turntables - from the latest CDJs to the retro record players of old like the Dansette, if we can get inside it we can usually fix it.  Call us and tell us what you need repairing.  See our page HERE for other music equipment repairs.

Fast Turnaround

We know you love your decks and need them back asap, especially if you are working jock, so we offer a speedy turnaround on most simple repairs so you have them back for the next weekends gig - we are DJs ourselves so we understand the commercial pressures.


Larger repairs may take a little longer if we need to get major parts in, but we will still turnaround the repair as soon as possible to minimise your DJ downtime. 

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Collection & Delivery Service 

Subject to other commitments, we may be able to collect your decks and deliver them back to you, subject to full payment of the repairs being made.  If you want to bring your decks in you can park right outside our location so not far to carry them, they are not the lightest of items.   


Please call us now for more details on Technics repairs on  

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